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Pottery Barn Knock-Off: Love Art

Where have I been? Everywhere but on WordPress. In the weeks that I was gone, I’ve managed to turn half of my hair into blonde, officially get my college degree and let ‘le job’ take control of me. Plus, I’ve had Bloggers Block! I plan to make a full recovery and be more focused now that I’ve got school completely. out. of. the. WAY!

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is Pottery Barn. I love it. There’s something about that classic/country/romantical style that makes me feel like I’m at ease.

I fell in loveloveLOVE with this wall art that was just plainly out of my spending habits. Only because I knew I could make it.

So what turned into a mission at Goodwill for 2 frames to create the above 2 wall arts, turned into a successful venture.

Icky frames before they received love.

After staring at the “Love” art, I noticed that Pottery Barn used the typeface from the Snellen eye charts at the eye doctor! I couldn’t find  the official font, or a similar type face online. Thus, out came my protractor and mechanical pencil. I handdrew every angle and line on those letters. And a little spraypaint on the letters and frame didn’t hurt either.

Not too bad for being virtually free, right? After I figure out how to pop open this metal frame, I’ll show off the “<– Paris” one.


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I’m singin’ in the rain..

Today marks the first day in Texas that we’ve gotten a significant amount of rain. I think the majority of Texas has been up in flames.

That being said, I managed to actually get a large chunk of an apartment wall nearly completed!

 Vintage skeleton keys: Pottery Barn
Shelves: Umbra
Lantern: gift from Pottery Barn
Pillars: clearance from Target
Vase: Ikea
Hourglass: Pottery Barn

Cute, right? I’m quite proud of it.

A friend from college and I, have always talked about starting a business together. I think we finally might have came up with something. We’ve got the right idea. It is in the fashion field – we just need a name for our company, a few questions answered, and our degrees out of the way. I’ll keep you posted.


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Cheaply Homely.

“Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes is the cutest folksy song, ever. If you haven’t heard it, you must download it! I just love this song dearly – why? My boyfriend and I are working on 4 months of being together-together after knowing each other for 7 years. Downfall, we’re long distance..a good 2 hour-or-2.5 hour-trip, depending if you’re speed demon-ing your way to Houston/Austin.With me trying to figure out my internship location/deal/happenings, there’s no telling where I’ll end up. I miss my family/boyfriend/friends back in Houston, but, really..home is whenever I’m with my loved ones in Houston or Austin.

I’m thankful to have a roof over my head, but my current living situation is a bit re-donk-u-lus. There’s 4 of us in a 4 bedroom/4 bath townhome in a college apartment complex. It’s constantly loud, trashed from social gatherings, and munchkin sized rooms. My queen size bed, dresser, nightstand, and dog crate take up my ENTIRE room. I also have a sliding-mirrored closet. I take GREAT offense to that. I’m such a nut for my clothes, why would you give me two doors, no walkspace, no shelves, so I can’t admire the beauty my closet gives off? Sad.  We also do not have any furniture. My roommate sold our couch, kitchen table, 6 dining room chairs, coffee table, side table and T.V. at the end of January for when she moves to Hawaii in June. I know, I thought the EXACT same thing. So really, this place is just being occupied.

I’m hoping I get to stay in Austin, the boyfriend moves to Austin, and I move to my own place to call my own. My own pots and pans, my own furniture, my own doormat. Yeah, my very own.

So, I’ve been on a home decor hunt! Pottery Barn had a DIRT cheap sale for their holiday decorations. Ha. I can’t even think about the end of this year just yet, but it was cheap and worth it.

Faux Leaves – $1.16 –> originally $14.00
2 boxes of Faux Snow – $0.84 each –> originally $12.00
Small wooden crate – $9.84 –> originally $29.00
Cranberry vase filler – $1.16 –> originally $14.00
Boxwood lit up tree – $8.47 –> originally $79.00
3 boxes of glass ornaments – $0.82 each –> originally $14.00

So I paid $26.27 (including tax) for these 9 items. Combined, it would’ve cost me $202.00! So I potentially saved $175.73 had I have bought these full-priced. Not bad for some holiday decor. Now if only I had room to store it…

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