My new obsession, is not an obsession at all. I just can’t throw away money for manicures anymore. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing them myself. I’m just..so rough on my nails, that a $20 manicure, gets chipped by the second day. Lamesauce.

So, I found on Konad on Amazon. Konad is a special polish, special design plates, and a rubber stamp to place the design on your nail.

  • Place the special polish X-design.
  • Scrape off the excess with the scraper.
  • Place the rubber stamp on the design.
  • Place the rubber stamper on your nail.
  • And wha-lah!

You get leopard printed nails! So much cooler than those faux sticker nail things that are trendy right now.


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For snowcones! Ever since Indiana posted about her addiction to Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs, I had been craving one myself. Unfortunately, I never got to check out Casey’s before I left the great city of Austin.

I did, find the next best thing that I could in Houston; all thanks to Yelp.

Mam’s House of Ice located in the Heights. Continue reading

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Review: Tweezerman

I have always, and I mean, ALWAYS, been skeptic of a pair of tweezers that cost about a half of tank of gas. I’ll let you do the math. Really, what’s the difference between a high-end pair of tweezers from Sephora and a $5 pair from the local commercialized store 2 blocks from your house? A.LOT.

I’ve been through a few tweezers that were only useful if the hair was longer than long. My last pair was okay in the sharpness department but rusting. That pair had a date with the trash last week. I finally invested in a good pair of tweezers; pink leopard print Tweezermans! The sharp and thin bladed point on them is so precise, it will grab EVERY. THING.

Tweezerman has a ton of different colors and styles of tweezers. My pink cheetah tweezers ran me about $25.00. Definitely worth the splurge!

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How was your 4th of July?

After an unusually short shift at work, I spent my 4th with a nap and a spontaneous trip (wearing Reef sandals, Nike Tempo shorts, and a tee!) to a park in Houston to watch the fireworks.

I’m always mesmerized by fireworks. The loud boom, the colors, and shapes..all from a little bit of gun powder.

Here’s to the halfway point of summer being almost over! I’m needing boots and tights season.

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After recent events this past weekend with the Backstreet Boys being in Houston this past weekend, I became slightly obsessed. As in, the 13-year-old in me somehow popped out. And with such key details as running into a Backstreet Boys’ wife and seeing that one Backstreet Boy and his family at church, I may have died. A thousand times. Yes.

Luckily for me, a former customer and now friend of mine, invited me to San Antonio to see them. She had suite tickets, it was free for me, I had a friend to stay with and I was able to work it around my work schedule. Pure perfection.

Did I mention New Kids on the Block were touring with them? I think I was 2 years old when they were popular, but hey, long live the 90’s!

Necklace: Dogeared
Tank: Trina Turk (originally $168, found at Nordstrom Rack for $13!)
Shorts: American Eagle
Sandals: Steve Madden (originally $60, bought for $10 on SteveMadden.com!)
Crossbody bag: Kate Spade
Sunglasses: RayBan

The concert was absolutely amazing. I loved it.  I think it brought a refreshed spirit out of me.  There were 2 decades of fans there and well, no one was a little kid any more! Fans and the NKOTBSB, ha.

I totally recommend this concert if it comes to your neck of the woods, it was worth every moment of my time.

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REVIEW: Blasted by O.P.I. for Sephora

It all started with Shattered. Shattered? RachelGettingFashion SAY WHAT? Actually, Shattered and Blasted are soul sisters. Sephora’s high end nail polish line by O.P.I. came out with a “Shattered” bottle called..Blasted.

Blasted is a top coat that gives your nails a shattered glass effect. Trendy, spunky, and just a bit edgy.

Not pictured: thumb.
NARS nail polish: Schiap.

 One coat of Blasted, and one coat of Revlon Extra Life Top Coat.

I love it. It’s different, fun, and is a eyecatcher! The catch though; one short, quick, and easy coat is the key. It is fast drying and crackles very quickly.

Sephora has Blasted in numerous colors: Black, Electric Blue, Gold, Indigo, Red, Silver, Turquoise, and White. It retails for $9.50.

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I’m singin’ in the rain..

Today marks the first day in Texas that we’ve gotten a significant amount of rain. I think the majority of Texas has been up in flames.

That being said, I managed to actually get a large chunk of an apartment wall nearly completed!

 Vintage skeleton keys: Pottery Barn
Shelves: Umbra
Lantern: gift from Pottery Barn
Pillars: clearance from Target
Vase: Ikea
Hourglass: Pottery Barn

Cute, right? I’m quite proud of it.

A friend from college and I, have always talked about starting a business together. I think we finally might have came up with something. We’ve got the right idea. It is in the fashion field – we just need a name for our company, a few questions answered, and our degrees out of the way. I’ll keep you posted.


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