Pottery Barn Knock-Off: Love Art

Where have I been? Everywhere but on WordPress. In the weeks that I was gone, I’ve managed to turn half of my hair into blonde, officially get my college degree and let ‘le job’ take control of me. Plus, I’ve had Bloggers Block! I plan to make a full recovery and be more focused now that I’ve got school completely. out. of. the. WAY!

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is Pottery Barn. I love it. There’s something about that classic/country/romantical style that makes me feel like I’m at ease.

I fell in loveloveLOVE with this wall art that was just plainly out of my spending habits. Only because I knew I could make it.

So what turned into a mission at Goodwill for 2 frames to create the above 2 wall arts, turned into a successful venture.

Icky frames before they received love.

After staring at the “Love” art, I noticed that Pottery Barn used the typeface from the Snellen eye charts at the eye doctor! I couldn’t find  the official font, or a similar type face online. Thus, out came my protractor and mechanical pencil. I handdrew every angle and line on those letters. And a little spraypaint on the letters and frame didn’t hurt either.

Not too bad for being virtually free, right? After I figure out how to pop open this metal frame, I’ll show off the “<– Paris” one.


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