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My new obsession, is not an obsession at all. I just can’t throw away money for manicures anymore. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing them myself. I’m rough on my nails, that a $20 manicure, gets chipped by the second day. Lamesauce.

So, I found on Konad on Amazon. Konad is a special polish, special design plates, and a rubber stamp to place the design on your nail.

  • Place the special polish X-design.
  • Scrape off the excess with the scraper.
  • Place the rubber stamp on the design.
  • Place the rubber stamper on your nail.
  • And wha-lah!

You get leopard printed nails! So much cooler than those faux sticker nail things that are trendy right now.


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For snowcones! Ever since Indiana posted about her addiction to Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs, I had been craving one myself. Unfortunately, I never got to check out Casey’s before I left the great city of Austin.

I did, find the next best thing that I could in Houston; all thanks to Yelp.

Mam’s House of Ice located in the Heights. Continue reading

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Review: Tweezerman

I have always, and I mean, ALWAYS, been skeptic of a pair of tweezers that cost about a half of tank of gas. I’ll let you do the math. Really, what’s the difference between a high-end pair of tweezers from Sephora and a $5 pair from the local commercialized store 2 blocks from your house? A.LOT.

I’ve been through a few tweezers that were only useful if the hair was longer than long. My last pair was okay in the sharpness department but rusting. That pair had a date with the trash last week. I finally invested in a good pair of tweezers; pink leopard print Tweezermans! The sharp and thin bladed point on them is so precise, it will grab EVERY. THING.

Tweezerman has a ton of different colors and styles of tweezers. My pink cheetah tweezers ran me about $25.00. Definitely worth the splurge!

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How was your 4th of July?

After an unusually short shift at work, I spent my 4th with a nap and a spontaneous trip (wearing Reef sandals, Nike Tempo shorts, and a tee!) to a park in Houston to watch the fireworks.

I’m always mesmerized by fireworks. The loud boom, the colors, and shapes..all from a little bit of gun powder.

Here’s to the halfway point of summer being almost over! I’m needing boots and tights season.

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