I’m singin’ in the rain..

Today marks the first day in Texas that we’ve gotten a significant amount of rain. I think the majority of Texas has been up in flames.

That being said, I managed to actually get a large chunk of an apartment wall nearly completed!

 Vintage skeleton keys: Pottery Barn
Shelves: Umbra
Lantern: gift from Pottery Barn
Pillars: clearance from Target
Vase: Ikea
Hourglass: Pottery Barn

Cute, right? I’m quite proud of it.

A friend from college and I, have always talked about starting a business together. I think we finally might have came up with something. We’ve got the right idea. It is in the fashion field – we just need a name for our company, a few questions answered, and our degrees out of the way. I’ll keep you posted.



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3 responses to “I’m singin’ in the rain..

  1. sarah

    haha this is SO cute and creative!! love it! 😉

  2. I love it! The keys are so fun!

  3. JB

    The keys–I love! I live in Louisiana (only 20 minutes from the Texas boarder) and we just got some rain too! Except I slept through it all…

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