OBSESSION: Tarina Tarantino

Once upon a time, circa 2004-2006, when Hope & Faith was still on tv and Megan Fox wasn’t a household name yet – I fell in love with this necklace:

“Who made this necklace?”, I thought to myself. I Googled, and Googled, and Googled. Alas, I found it: Tarina Tarantino. Tarina is a Los Angeles based designer, who uses bright, fun and funky designs. She believes in Made in the U.S.A. products as well, which is one more reason why she is to be loved. She gives the perfect amount of bling that is a total neckbreaker!

I currently own 23 pieces of her accessories and have loved every single piece. It’s been definitely one of the things in life that I “reward” myself with after a series of hard work!

 My personal collection of TT.

Tarina also has a collection of make-up inspired by her line, gems, and sparkles that is exclusive at Sephora! Each cosmetic is as illuminating as her jewels.


And I’ve lived happily ever after. So far, anyways.


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