Mystery Box.

Have you heard? I think it may just be the talk of the shoe industry…or maybe, just the talk of the TOMS fans & community!

On June 7th; 12 p.m. Central time, the new One-for-One product will be unveiled across the globe in 30 Nordstrom stores and on livestream. What is it? All I could tell you is, “TOMS wants to be known for more than just a shoe company.”

The 7-foot-tall, 90 pound cylinder box will be unveiled all at at once. Exciting, right? I’m thrilled! I just had to RSVP so I can see this event firsthand.

Β Cute mannequins at the Houston Galleria’s Nordstrom.

The locked, 7-foot, 90 pound cylinder box!


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  1. I would so be there if I wasn’t at work! haha

    Live Life in Style

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