It’s a go from here.

Cardigan – Bp.
Dress – IheartRonson
Shoes – Michael Kors
Bracelet/Necklace – Tarina Tarantino

Vacations should be mandated by law. As in, every hard-working person deserves one! I’m still swimming in moving boxes, 4 newly-ripped-open-by-shredding-it garbage bag of clothes, 3 boxes of shoes, belts, and scarves. My closet (and apartment!) is anything but organized.

Can you believe it’s almost June? 2011 is nearly halfway over!



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3 responses to “It’s a go from here.

  1. Cute!!! And look at those fab shoes. Wow!

  2. Hey girl! I found your blog via the style bloggers map. I was looking for more bloggers in the Houston area to potentially organize a blogger meet-up. Let me know if you are interested! Love this outfit by the way! I’m now following you! 🙂

    Live Life in Style

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