I said it ’cause I can.

I saw Bruno Mars in concert with Sarah from Every Day Is A Runway , and wow. I may just be a little mesmerized. It’s not often that a singer’s voice in person sounds as soulful, clear, and energetic as it does on the radio. His voice was just that. Janelle Monae and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) were interesting – both were very good performers.

Tank: Frenchi
Bandeau: Frenchi
Jorts: American Eagle
Headband: Tasha
Shoes: Converse


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One response to “I said it ’cause I can.

  1. You just look too cute!! The concert was A-mazing and I enjoyed our date lol!!
    If there’s anyone who doesn’t like Bruno Mars, they should see him live…
    I lovee himmm ❤ ❤ and he so had converse chucks on just like you! 🙂
    Chucks will never go out of style!!

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