Business Carding 101.

Shortly after I joined IFB, I saw a community poll about business cards. Do bloggers use them? The answer is YES! Usually their blog name, website address, Twitter account, and e-mail are on the business card. I searched high and low for something that spoke to me on Moo cards, Zazzle, and Etsy. Of course, TxSCC was coming up quickly and I had nothing. I tucked tail about having business cards and realized that it would be a learning experience to not having them this time. Totally. Un. Pre. Pared.

What to do? What do I want? I pondered this nonstop. And to think that I haven’t been in college for 4 months now; a business card was the biggest of my worry! Ha.

I searched Etsy nonstop with every Β keyword I could think of and finally, I found it! Wacodi’s owner, Stephen, is more than helpful about designing something for you, or handing out suggestions of what will work for you. He instantly became my BFF. I totally recommend requesting a custom item from him and see what he can do for you.

my beautiful rubber stamp on a block of wood πŸ™‚

Final product, on business card. Messy because I don’t have a stamp pad yet!

There’s something about making a mass bunch of business cards on another site that irks me a tad bit. Being creative, I thought to myself that if any of my information changes (possible domain name in the next few months?!) or I change my Twitter; better to just get my logo made onto a rubberstamp and be done with it.




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2 responses to “Business Carding 101.

  1. This is so adorable! Wow, a custom rubber stamp, that’s awesome. Etsy is the bomb, congrats on your new product/bussiness cards πŸ™‚

  2. I totes went the rubber stamp route too! It’s nice to make them yourself. Love the stamp!!

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