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Surely, this day calls for a Royal Wedding post! How stunning was this wedding? Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and William looked so handsome in his attire. Her dress was designed by Sarah Burton, the creative director for the House of Alexander McQueen. Pippa, her sister, had the same designer as well. The bodice and the lace of the dress was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework.

Posh and Becks looking rather gorgeous together.

Most of the extravagant hats were made by milliner Phillip Treacy, which I’m totally in love with. I think Prince Harry needs to have the next wedding!  No pressure, I’m just hoping my invite doesn’t get lost in the mail this time.

Did anyone else wake up at the crack of dawn for the wedding? Any thoughts?



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All Around the World.

Something exciting has happened. A little too exciting. I have officially signed my very own big girl apartment lease – no roommates or college housing! I’ve never felt so proud of my little life that’s slowly evolving.

I had some great family time this weekend! I hope this weekend was the same for you as well.

P.S. – I totally chopped off a good 5-6 inches of my hair on a whim. I’ve missed having short hair. That whole throw-it-up-in-a-bun-thing got really old. Quick.

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Currently Obsessed.

I am so loving my nook color. Not only am I able to read books like it’s my job now, but I can read magazines, surf the internet, check Facebook, listen to Pandora and rumor has it: eventually be able to play Angry Birds. Hello 21st century, I’m Rachel.

Have you SEEN these book clutches by Kate Spade? I. Love. Them. So. Much.  Natalie Portman carried an Olympia Le-Tan book clutch which is actually the reprint of the cover and super chic. Kate Spade, on the other hand, being her darling self; re-imagined popular classics. I’ve turned a few of the girls at work onto them. I have The Great Gatsby, and 2 others have How I Married Adventure and Emma. Another one will have Pride and Prejudice once it comes out in the Fall. Naturally, the collection is called “Book of the Month Club”.

This is so, so, so, SO mom-ish of me, and I feel slightly embarrassed to admit it – but whatever. I’m so obsessed with coupons right now, it’s stupid. I just can’t spend a ton of money on groceries and household items, especially with prices going sky-high for EVERYTHING. Free this, Free that, $1.00 off here, $1.00 of there – it adds up quick. This website,, has a large database of coupons. I recommend you print some out, see how much you save, and let me know how happy it makes you. We all like things for cheap/free, right?


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Gone with the Wind.

Just a view from your Texas capital building!

 Dress – Forever21
Shoes – Steve Madden
Necklace – Tarina Tarantino
Cropped Cardigan – Wet Seal (ha, it’s 5 years old!)

I’m so happy I have tomorrow off – there’s nothing more gratifying than a Monday off. Case of the Mondays say what? I’m celebrating with a bottle of wine, Edgar with me, and Digiorno’s Pizza & Wyngz (which has got to be the cutest combo-idea-packaging thing, EVER). This may be the most wonderful meal to date.

Edgar was sweet enough to buy me a big, large, 3943843 gallon sized Rubbermaid storage container for all of my Pottery Barn stuff I’ve accumulated to decorate my first solo apartment with. So, I’ll have to stuff that silly so he can store it for me for a few weeks. Packing CAN be fun, except when it comes to moving my entire life out of this 10×10 room.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Did you do anything fun or memorable?


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Hello Goodbye.

My job accepted my request to move stores so I’ll be moving back to Houston at the end of the month! I’m unbelievably excited to get a fresh start and move onto this next chapter of my life. I feel like I have so much to do before I leave though…grab one last pizza slice from Homeslice, buy a shirt from Tyler’s, take a few more style shots in Austin, get the electricity out from under my name and find a subleaser. That may or may not be in that order! I’ll surely come to visit, that’s for sure. Austin’s fashion scene has grown on me.

In other news, I’m wanting to plan a vacation or two. I’m really thinking New York for Fashion Week which falls a few days after my 24th birthday. Best birthday gift ever to myself! Does anyone want to come with?! We can share a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity!


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The Hills.

She’s as warm and friendly like the hills that surround Austin.

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg
Shoes:  Steve Madden


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Down by the River.

Today was a day for simplicity and pearls.  And super-coffee.


Cardigan: Bp.
Tanktop: Bp.
Necklace: Nordstrom Jewelry
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden
Ring: College Ring

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