For Fashionistas + DIY-ers alike.

Have you ever wanted to use that PERFECT day to make something?You know, the day where you have absolutely nothing to do except think, “This would be the perfect day to make something!” Or lack the motivation or the resource to figure out what to make? Or just wish you’d have someone other than family and your pet iguana to show it off to? Well, I have the most amazing solution for you.

Indiana over at Adored Austin has established Made This/Love This a DIY collective community, that will have featured projects on the 1st and 15th of every month. You have 30 days to complete and showcase your project, which a winner will be chosen! How exciting, right? No need for boring days ever again!

The site IS in beta mode, meaning, it’s in test-mode for the time being to see if it catches on. I think Indiana is onto something big and wonderful – and I’m sure there will be plenty-more additions to the site in the future! So, since I know you’re so curious about this site, go check it out and join. Then we can admire each other’s work. Β And also brag that we were on Made This/Love This; before it was cool.

And I’ll also be showcasing my own stuff that I made on here, so if DIY isn’t in your swagger but a certain project speaks out to you – you’ll see it firsthand.

So go check it out and show your inner artist some love!


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  1. I signed up, too! Fun stuff.

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