Spring Love.

I’m only a day late – HAPPY SPRING! If you and I had a glass of champagne, I say we toast! Toast to sunshine, warm weather, dresses, sandals, and the fact that your school semester may almost be done/vacation time is coming/whatever else we need to celebrate.

Oh, and allergies. I’m currently on a diet of  Chicken Noodle soup, Chloraseptic throat spray, honey&lemon cough drops, Dayquil, and Allegra. My one and only hate of Spring. Coming from a concrete jungle like Houston, I only suffered of random allergies randomly. I move to a nature-istic city like Austin…yeah! Enough said.

So, here’s to celebrate Springtime in Texas…

…Walks with the boyfriend on South Congress, introducing him to Homeslice to get him excited about moving to Austin. For those who haven’t heard of it, been there; IT IS A MUST! Wonderful environment, great people watching, and damn good food.

…Clothing hauls. I recently learned more about LuLu*s from attending TxSCC. Think of a more exclusive Forever21 with your favorite boutique. That’s right; affordable, hip, and limited quantities! So, your best friend who lives in the next city over may not get the chance to get her pretty little hands on the dresses and shirts YOU get from LuLu*s! Share the knowledge though, LuLu*s is amazing. (Fact: The blouse and dress are two of the four items I bought!)


…My blog has become a priority. I want to UP my blog-game! Once I figure out a few snags, pills, and pulls – I will be having outfit posts! I cannot wait for this. I lack a photographer as of right now (with 3 other roommates who are NEVER home, and 2 Chihuahuas who probably don’t understand what a camera is). I, also, will be making my own business cards. After attending TxSCC, so many girls had their own business cards! I didn’t think of it until 2 days before! The “how-to” will be posted.

…Toobing! I love grabbing a few friends, driving to the river nearby, and getting carried away by cool water. Again, I totally recommend this and checking out the nearby cities: San Antonio, Gruene, New Braunfels, and San Marcos. Cute towns and there’s something for everyone in each city.



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2 responses to “Spring Love.

  1. I am jealous of that Lulu’s dress you got! It’s so cute.

  2. Tubing is a blast! Though I’ve only ever done ocean and lake tubing where you sort of float or get pulled behind a boat. Lulu’s sounds like such a fabulous store…I wish they had them up North. Ugh allergies are so annoying in Spring. I actually don’t like Spring because rather than have nice, warm, dependable 60-70 ish weather, we have snow and then 40’s and then rain and 50’s and it’s all crazy…I dislike Spring, until it gets really nice and warm around May.

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