TXSCC – Results are In!

Oh, Sunday morning<Daylight Savings<Texas Style Council Conference! Is that math equation even correct? Ha!

I hopped in my bright blue car and headed to Austin for this conference. Let me just say, what an adventure! First off, I saw a billboard for Hanson. I decided it was such a good idea to park near it so I could take a photo of my childhood and pay $15 for parking. Consequently, I didn’t know I had parked a good 10 blocks from BalletAustin/BoConcept. Smart thinking on my part. I will say that Grechen and Indiana put on the MOST organized function I have ever been to and I cannot wait to be apart of next year’s conference!

Hi Hanson, so nice of you to welcome me to Austin.

I kept on walking and found the funniest/cutest stencil ever…


STEVEN by Steve Madden sandals (on sale for $10.00!) with NARS Schiap nail polish.

I finally reached BoConcept. Such a cute furniture store! I also loved that the TIKKR watches were hanging from the ceiling.

I was kicking myself for not being able to attend Friday and Saturday; it felt like the first day of school! I was shy, imagine that. I’m usually outgoing and a social butterfly so total change. Thankfully, Diya introduced herself to me and welcomed me with open arms. So blessed!

How cute are these dinosaur planters? I need.

I’m so official. Cutest landyard, ever! CharmingCharlie provided them.

The nicest pedicab driver in the world.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. If I met you; I truly enjoyed meeting you! If I didn’t; let’s get become friends now and make plans for any future fashionista outings!



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3 responses to “TXSCC – Results are In!

  1. It was such a fun event. I am still on a high from the weekend and missing it terribly! 😛

    from © tanvii.com

  2. Hanson! I loved TxSCC.. please can we please have one every weekend?

  3. I still love HansoN! I want them to come to vegas

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