One week until..

In exactly a week, I’ll be at Ballet Austin for the Texas Style Council Conference!  I’m super excited – this will be my second conference for Fashion and my FIRST for being an aspiring/upcoming lifestyle/fashion blogger! I’m ecstatic that I get to meet new faces, network, learn, and prosper in wisdom. I’m hoping I can make this blog a lot better than what it currently is…not that I think it sucks or anything, but there’s always room for improvement!

I came home last night to a box from TIKKR & Texas Style Council! What did I get?

A brand new watch from TIKKR! TIKKR is an Austin, Texas brand (as the head TIKKRers live in Austin) which makes me to happy to be apart of a local thing. I wore my TIKKR today and got soo many compliments. It’s lightweight, fun, vibrant, made out of silicone, and on each back of the watchface, there’s an engraving! Mine says, “Bored people are boring”. Um, LOVE IT.

The awesome thing about TIKKR? Completely customizable! The watchface pops out, and you can pop it into a different colored band! Amazing! The watch with a starterband costs $65.00, and the bands are $20.00. Eat your heart out, Michele.

Check out TIKKR!

my hand looks slightly deformed, but my watch is sick.


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