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For Fashionistas + DIY-ers alike.

Have you ever wanted to use that PERFECT day to make something?You know, the day where you have absolutely nothing to do except think, “This would be the perfect day to make something!” Or lack the motivation or the resource to figure out what to make? Or just wish you’d have someone other than family and your pet iguana to show it off to? Well, I have the most amazing solution for you.

Indiana over at Adored Austin has established Made This/Love This a DIY collective community, that will have featured projects on the 1st and 15th of every month. You have 30 days to complete and showcase your project, which a winner will be chosen! How exciting, right? No need for boring days ever again!

The site IS in beta mode, meaning, it’s in test-mode for the time being to see if it catches on. I think Indiana is onto something big and wonderful – and I’m sure there will be plenty-more additions to the site in the future! So, since I know you’re so curious about this site, go check it out and join. Then we can admire each other’s work.  And also brag that we were on Made This/Love This; before it was cool.

And I’ll also be showcasing my own stuff that I made on here, so if DIY isn’t in your swagger but a certain project speaks out to you – you’ll see it firsthand.

So go check it out and show your inner artist some love!


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Spring Love.

I’m only a day late – HAPPY SPRING! If you and I had a glass of champagne, I say we toast! Toast to sunshine, warm weather, dresses, sandals, and the fact that your school semester may almost be done/vacation time is coming/whatever else we need to celebrate.

Oh, and allergies. I’m currently on a diet of  Chicken Noodle soup, Chloraseptic throat spray, honey&lemon cough drops, Dayquil, and Allegra. My one and only hate of Spring. Coming from a concrete jungle like Houston, I only suffered of random allergies randomly. I move to a nature-istic city like Austin…yeah! Enough said.

So, here’s to celebrate Springtime in Texas…

…Walks with the boyfriend on South Congress, introducing him to Homeslice to get him excited about moving to Austin. For those who haven’t heard of it, been there; IT IS A MUST! Wonderful environment, great people watching, and damn good food.

…Clothing hauls. I recently learned more about LuLu*s from attending TxSCC. Think of a more exclusive Forever21 with your favorite boutique. That’s right; affordable, hip, and limited quantities! So, your best friend who lives in the next city over may not get the chance to get her pretty little hands on the dresses and shirts YOU get from LuLu*s! Share the knowledge though, LuLu*s is amazing. (Fact: The blouse and dress are two of the four items I bought!)


…My blog has become a priority. I want to UP my blog-game! Once I figure out a few snags, pills, and pulls – I will be having outfit posts! I cannot wait for this. I lack a photographer as of right now (with 3 other roommates who are NEVER home, and 2 Chihuahuas who probably don’t understand what a camera is). I, also, will be making my own business cards. After attending TxSCC, so many girls had their own business cards! I didn’t think of it until 2 days before! The “how-to” will be posted.

…Toobing! I love grabbing a few friends, driving to the river nearby, and getting carried away by cool water. Again, I totally recommend this and checking out the nearby cities: San Antonio, Gruene, New Braunfels, and San Marcos. Cute towns and there’s something for everyone in each city.


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Saturday Sounds

There’s nothing better than music that expresses a current situation, feeling, emotion, event, and whatnot. Here’s to a Saturday filled with relaxation, sunshine and songs to add to your playlist.

  • Save Me by Nicki Minaj
  • Marry Me by Train
  • Give a Little by Hanson
  • Blackbird by The Beatles
  • Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
  • Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Linger by The Cranberries
  • One More Time by Daft Punk
  • Jimmy and Josie by The Kyle Bennett Band
  • Free by Zac Brown Band


Are there any bands or singers I should check out or should be put on a Saturday Sounds post?


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TXSCC – Results are In!

Oh, Sunday morning<Daylight Savings<Texas Style Council Conference! Is that math equation even correct? Ha!

I hopped in my bright blue car and headed to Austin for this conference. Let me just say, what an adventure! First off, I saw a billboard for Hanson. I decided it was such a good idea to park near it so I could take a photo of my childhood and pay $15 for parking. Consequently, I didn’t know I had parked a good 10 blocks from BalletAustin/BoConcept. Smart thinking on my part. I will say that Grechen and Indiana put on the MOST organized function I have ever been to and I cannot wait to be apart of next year’s conference!

Hi Hanson, so nice of you to welcome me to Austin.

I kept on walking and found the funniest/cutest stencil ever… keep calm and read on


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Spring Break Essentials.

Let’s face it; this winter was long. Very long. We had snow in Central Texas TWICE in one week. That is beyond rare. I’m sure some of you are itching for that sun as well. So in honor of Spring break – college or no college – I put together a generic list of items you’ll need for your vacation or staycation!

1. Sandals. My favorite are Reef because they’re basic enough to dress down or dress slightly up. They also feel like a comfort buttery cloud for your feet. (, Sandy 2-pack, $48.00)

2.  Sunglasses. Marc Jacobs is what’s pictured because not only are his styles uber classic, they’re also coming in bright colors because hey, let’s face it, your future is bright. ( for any and all styles!)

3.  Digital Camera. I currently own a Casio Exilim that I love dearly, but, I love snapping memories. ( for any and all styles.)

4. Sunblock. Sun protection is super important, we all know this. Be sure to apply 30 minutes before going outside and apply constantly due to perspiration and water.

5. Bright beach towels. I love beach towels. I think it’s super fun to pick out something bright, fun, and vivid. No two beach towels are alike! (Crate and Barrel, Labasa Teal Beach Towel, $29.95)

6. Swimsuit. Is this a gimme or what? Mix and match, fun prints, staple solids, one piece, two piece, tankini, monokini..your choices are endless. ( for a HUGE selection)

7. Cover-ups. Incase of any shopping trips, restaurants, or any walking, you’ll want a cover up! Romper, tunics, crochet dresses, and maxi dresses are hot choices and versatile for everyday wear. (, $30.00)

8. Music. Pandora, Ipod, Ipad, radio, whatever. Let the music take control of your day! ( for numerous styles and sizes!)


Any plans for your spring break?

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One week until..

In exactly a week, I’ll be at Ballet Austin for the Texas Style Council Conference!  I’m super excited – this will be my second conference for Fashion and my FIRST for being an aspiring/upcoming lifestyle/fashion blogger! I’m ecstatic that I get to meet new faces, network, learn, and prosper in wisdom. I’m hoping I can make this blog a lot better than what it currently is…not that I think it sucks or anything, but there’s always room for improvement!

I came home last night to a box from TIKKR & Texas Style Council! What did I get?

A brand new watch from TIKKR! TIKKR is an Austin, Texas brand (as the head TIKKRers live in Austin) which makes me to happy to be apart of a local thing. I wore my TIKKR today and got soo many compliments. It’s lightweight, fun, vibrant, made out of silicone, and on each back of the watchface, there’s an engraving! Mine says, “Bored people are boring”. Um, LOVE IT.

The awesome thing about TIKKR? Completely customizable! The watchface pops out, and you can pop it into a different colored band! Amazing! The watch with a starterband costs $65.00, and the bands are $20.00. Eat your heart out, Michele.

Check out TIKKR!

my hand looks slightly deformed, but my watch is sick.

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