Born in the USA!

I wish I could have Bruce Springsteen’s song playing just because this post is THAT appropriate. I think one thing I’ve learned that I’m passionate about is products being made in America or away from sweatshop conditions. I took a few classes about fashion economics, and watching such documentaries like China Blue, Mardi Gras: Made in China, and even videos on human trafficking/counterfeit products has made me a firm believer in American products. I won’t get into details because it makes me sick to my stomach, feel free to Google those documentaries yourself if you’d like to be a bit more educated on sweatshop conditions, the black market, and trafficking/counterfeit products. It is definitely something that will change your life and view about shopping!

It’s such a rare gem to find that “Made in America” tag! When you buy American-made products, more jobs are created within the United States with adequate and proper pay within PROPER working conditions and environment! Product quality and support of local families that could very well be your own family are just another part of the Made in America movement.

Just a few brands/designers that are made within the United States:

1. Dogeared
2. Hanky Panky
3. Deborah Lippmann
4. Tarina Tarantino
5. Splendid
6. Paige Premium Denim
7. Giraffe at Home
8. Petunia Pickle Bottom
9. Laura Mercier
10. Frye
11. Vinturi


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