February’s Beauty Mini-haul

I don’t know what there ISN’T to love about fashion: I love my job (oogling over clothes, yes!), designing the accessories of my new apartment that’s about 6 months away, finding key staple pieces to tie in my outfits, and MAKE-UP. I find make-up is an art, it enhances your beauty, something to express emotions through, and to have fun with.

Recently, MAC debuted their “Wonder Woman” line. With fierce colors and amazing Wonder Woman packaging, you can see the POW! of this line. I wasn’t too crazy about the eyeshadow colors, or the lip colors except for one amazing subtle nude called, “Emancipation”.

The brush is ABSOLUTELY ginormous. I don’t even think I’ve used it where I didn’t even slightly have to put some effort into pulling the wand out. The wand doesn’t “soak up” enough product as a typical wand, but it’s enough to only do one swipe of color/coverage on the lips.

Nice subtle nude, right? Slight shimmer as well!

My next item, or items? I purchased the NARS “Tainted Love” set for $59.00, for 3 full sized items: Angelika lip gloss, Angelika The Multiple, and Schiap nail polish.  The Multiple is used as lip color, eye color, and cheek color: hence, the multiple ways you can use it. A nice blending made this color a nicely flushed cheek look.  I thought this was a steal, considering each individual item can potentially cost $25-$28 dollars. It is a $78 dollar value, so, money well spent.

Schiap nail polish

The only problem I had with the nail polish is with it being a bit pricey (runs about $17 alone!), I would have expected it to last longer. Schiap and I went to get a manicure, and within about 4 days, it was chipping! This was with a base coat, 2 coats of Schiap and top coat. Gorgeous color, but I definately don’t think I’ll be buying NARS nail polish for fun, unless it comes within a set. OPI has much better long lasting coverage than any other nail polish I’ve seen and experienced.

Some time ago, I received a sample itty-bitty plastic jar of Philosophy’s  Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash and it was the BEST thing I have ever put on my face! Another pricey item, $25 for the smaller 8 ounce bottle, but definitely worth every penny. It comes out this translucent clear-ish liquid with no fragrance. As you begin to wash your face, you can honestly feel the dead skin cells being sloughed off! Most exfoliants have beads that irritate or disappear without doing anything; these micro beads inside this gem are so tiny and gentle, that it WORKS wonders. My skin has never glowed so much, felt so clean during and after my shower, and appreciated a mild and gently face wash! And for the record, I have moody skin!


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