What am I doing?

I may be the most biggest nerd, EVER. But, I’m so stoked for this…

I can’t wait to network, learn, experience, and be inspired! There are too many amazing blogs out in blogland that I am dying to learn how to grow from! My only small frowny-face about the date is with it being on a Saturday, me working in retail, it being the first weekend of Spring Break (I love having responsibilities)…I may have to miss that day. But, the 13th has been requested off and my registration has been paid for!

This will be my second Fashion conference, but my first about social media/blogging since I’m just now getting into the swing of things on keeping up with a blog! I’m sure I’m not the only one though.

Are you going to The Texas Style Council Conference? Please comment and say hi! I’d love to introduce myself and become best friends with you.


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One response to “What am I doing?

  1. I’ll be there too! Cute blog and thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

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