Gifting on Valentine’s.

I’m so big on giving, it’s ridiculous. I absolutely LOVE giving presents. I guess, mainly, because I take really good mental notes on what people like and/or interested in. I am a girl though, so maybe it’s just a natural talent we posess?

When the boyfriend, Edgar, had came over for Christmas; he kept drinking wine with everyone that came from a wine aerator. We’ve had wine together before, but he really expressed wanting to know what wines went with what foods, how he wanted a wine aerator, and so forth. I got him a Vinturi Wine Aerator and a Williams-Sonoma Wine + Food book. that will have his name engraved on it. I also got him a James Avery Leather ID bracelet. Now, I’m all about paying top dollar when I know I have to, as in, it’s exclusive to a certain store; but when has the EXACT item for much cheaper – I’m sold.

– Vinturi Wine Aerator – $39.95
– Wine + Food book – $29.95

– Vinturi Wine Aerator – $25.29
– Wine + Food book – $29.95

Now, an even BIGGER bonus about shopping on Amazon, and probably numerous other sites: sign up for their mailing lists or exclusive “clubs”. If you meet a minimum requirement for PRIME, you can possibly be eligible for FREE 2-day shipping for being a student or a mom. They do have a free trial period for this as well. But some companies such as Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, Barnes and Noble, Sears, and Wal-Mart have a free shipping club. The catch? Pay a fee, get free unlimited shipping for X-amount of time. I say, if you’re a frequent online shopper like myself – it’s totally worth it.

What did I ask for? Barnes and Noble’s nook color.

So what should you get your boyfriend/lovebug/best-guy-friend/fiancé/husband? Obviously, something from the heart. Whether it be something remotely free or extravagant-to-the-max, let it mean something. Here’s some ideas just to get your heart thinking:

– His favorite dinner and dessert dish, candlelit.
– His favorite 6-pack/bottle-of-choice all gussied up in curled ribbon, with a sweet note.
– James Avery! This is a southern thang, but they do ship nationwide. I encourage you to check out the men section (and take notes on what YOU like as well).
– Take flashbacks to any interests he wishes he could pertake in: has he ever said anything about wanting to paint? Search Painting With a Twist; for painting classes, times, dates, and locations! This can very well go for any other hobby too!
– Tickets to his favorite band/sportsteam/comedian.
– It’s a bit late, but maybe next year: has fully-customizable scrapbooks. Now that everything is digital – save yourself some time, money, and gas by doing this all on your computer!


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