Fashion for a Cause

I think it’s important to shop. Why? Vera Wang said it best, “If no one shops, then no one has a job.” Pure poetry! But to put that shopping for a good cause? Let’s go!

TOMS shoes have got to be the most comfortable thing, ever. I seriously want to cry every time I have to take mine off. They feel like little clouds on my feet. Different styles, different colors, different designs; they’re amazing. The most awesome thing about TOMS is that for every pair you buy, they send a pair to a child in need of shoes.

WHY?: You see, children in third world countries grow up barefoot, therefore, making children at risk for soil-transmitted diseases that can soak through the skin. Not to mention, cuts, scrapes, and infectious wounds can happen without the proper wearing of shoes outside. Shoes can protect them from any physical danger that their environment possesses.

TIDBIT: Blake Mycoskie, the creator of TOMS shoes, is from Arlington, Texas and an alum from Southern Methodist University. Why is this relevant? He’s young, and he believes in the power of our generation. When you wear TOMS, you’re marketing for TOMS! That, my friends, is the power of knowledge that you can spread. Check out Toms Shoes Campus Clubs and see if there is a club on your high school or college campus! If not, start one. They will also give you a campus-only coupon code for $5.00 off a purchase for spreading the word!

Me & My Friends + TOMS = ❤


Falling Whistles, is such an amazing organization, but such a sad cause. I first noticed it when my coworker had this BEAUTIFUL solid silver whistle hanging from her neck. I complimented her, “That is such a gorgeous necklace! Where did you get it from?”. She immediately told me the story of it.

WHY?: Falling Whistles is to create awareness to one of the world’s deadliest wars of our time in Congo. Sadly, this gets more deeper than just that. Little boys, who are too young to carry a gun, are brought to the frontlines of war armed with only a WHISTLE.  100% of the proceeds go to rehabilitate and advocate for these boys. You too, can be the whistleblower, converse about peace, and advocate for a silent war.

TIDBIT: The founder of Falling Whistles, Sean Carasso, is a 2005 University of Texas graduate. He, too, has a connection with TOMS shoes. He was asked to go on a “shoe drop” with Blake and a few select others in Africa. While traveling through Congo, they stumbled upon an illegal prison where the young boys had been abducted in order to be placed on the frontlines of the war with a whistle and receive the first bullets from the opposing army.


A model by the name of Lauren Bush – now Lauren Pierce – halted her modeling career to focus on her non-profit group, FEED. FEED is focused on providing meals for children who do not have access to meals. FEED has created products such as shirts, bears, bags, and bracelets that will signify with a stenciled number; how many children were fed through a set donation by the purchase of the product.

WHY?: The basic human needs are food, clothing, and shelter. Without one of these, we are incomplete. The purchase of a FEED products will allow a child to have that basic need of food to be met, and not have to worry about where or when their next meal is coming.

TIDBIT: Lauren grew up in Houston, Texas and has several big name partnerships with her foundation such as Whole Foods, Harrod’s, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, The Gap, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Each product usually does elaborate to which country you help out! The Gap has a canvas tote bag that is actually made in America and helps improve school food and nutrition education in America.


Know of any other great shops-for-a-cause? Let me know!


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